The Maslen Studentships will cover Student Registration fee ($385/462) and possibly some travel (up to $200). the application for can be downloaded here.
Conditions on the award of a Maslen Studentship for CRYSTAL 26:
1. That the applicant  is enrolled as a full-time PhD Student at the time of his/her application and will be presenting their research at the meeting either in oral or poster form.
2. Applicants must have been a financial member of SCANZ for at least 6 months prior to application and their supervisor must have been a financial member of SCANZ for at least 12 months prior to the submission of their application (or satisfactory reasons given if not the case).
3. Application should include a brief  (less than 1 page) statement on his/her PhD research project and current progress. Any written indication of  support for the application from his/her supervisor would be positively regarded.   
4. If a request for travel support is being made, additional information on this is required (1 or 2 sentences).
5. Support for any student will normally be limited to a maximum of one overseas conference and one local (i.e. CRYSTAL) meeting (Australia or NZ) and is at the sole discretion of the SCANZ Executive (in all matters).
6.  Applications must be signed by the applicant and submitted to:
           Dr Stuart Batten
           Hon Secretary SCANZ
by e-mail to   
and cc'd to me at


Faxed to Stuart Batten at    03- 3 9905 4597
and received by midnight on 5th February.  

Note: we will keep the “early bird” registration fee offer open for any student who submits an abstract (by 20th Feb)  in the case where an application for a Studentship is not successful.


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